Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday, July 27

Our time today was spent with some of the second largest animals on the planet! This morning we got some great looks at Comet, Fjord and #1008. Each time we were stopped on a whale we would see another spout in the distance. One whale would lead to another whale and yet another one out in the distance.
Comet on the move this morning
Comet passing by us!
Seeing these three whales today as they continue to remain in the same area over the course of the past week is great as we continue to collect data and learn more about such massive and mysterious creatures.
Fin whale spout
This afternoon we continued to dodge a few rain showers and a bit more wind than our morning travels but that did not deter our passengers. We were once again spending time with Comet the Fin whale.

Perhaps Comet was taking advantage of the waves at the surface and tried to "surf" with part of her body. Probably not really the case at all but it was pretty cool to see so much of the back portion of her body move above the waterline
We got some great looks as this whale moved around before we decided to do some more searching. We next came across another Fin whale. While this whale has yet to get an identifying number associated with it, we know it is a whale we have seen in the past (earlier this season and even in past years) and was happy to see this whale back in the area.
This Fin whale was just barely coming above the waterline as it cruised around the area this afternoon
Before heading home we also spotted two other Fin whales close to the Isles of Shoals. Unfortunately once we stopped to check them out they completely disappeared. Whether they were doing a phenomenal job holding their breaths or had just moved to other regions of the area we may never know but we were unable to spot them again. Such is the case with wildlife. Whales are not on our schedules, they are on their own accord as we are always lucky to see even just one whale at any point in time in the vast ocean we go looking in.

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