Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday, July 17

The weather earlier this week kept us on land for a few days so we were excited to get back on the water today. We did a bit of searching this morning and after seeing 6 Minke whales we got a chance to spend time with a different type of whale also out and about today.
First of the many Minke whales of the day
Two Humpback whales were on the southern end of Jeffreys Ledge. It was Pinch and Exclaim.
These two whales were seen on our last trip out (on Monday before the wind and rain came!) moving through the water together. Low and behold these two whales were in a completely different region of Jeffreys Ledge and yet were still moving around together today!
Humpback whale flipper in the air
Conditions were great as we spent time with our whales this morning and such great weather continued into the afternoon. We once again were checking out some areas of Jeffreys Ledge where whales have recently been sighted but we were not having much luck in finding anything. Eventually we came across a Minke whale. This whale was great as it just circled around the area, popping up on either side of the boat, giving us all some great looks at this whale.
This Minke whale has an extremely distinctive dorsal fin!
Perhaps the coolest aspect of this sighting was when this whale literally swam underneath our boat belly-up! At just the right moment you looked down and saw this large greenish-white mass just below the surface. It was the all white belly of this Minke whale swimming upside down as it passed just below our pulpit. Perhaps this whale decided to check us out while we were checking it out! Our next sighting ended up being 3 miles from land. A large Fin whale was just off the coast. It was #9709 a whale we have been lucky enough to see many times thus far this season and yet is still spending time close to home.
Fin whale just beyond the coastline!
The weather was certainly wonderful today and with similar conditions expected to continue it will be exciting to once again be out on the open ocean looking for whales!

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