Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday, July 31

The sun was shining all day long as we went in search of whales today. This morning it did not take long to come across marine life. We initially saw our fin-less Minke whale but was unable to relocate it. Instead we found something else at the surface. It was an Ocean sunfish. We have only seen a few sunfish thus far this season so this sighting was a great way to start the day.
Ocean sunfish in super calm ocean conditions!
This fish was just moseying around and even swam right in towards us a few times as we watched it swim around us. We soon were off to go find some mammals and again it wasn't long before we came across a whale. We started with a very familiar whale. Comet continues to be nearby! This whale was circling around as we got some great looks at this whale so close to home.
Comet the Fin whale
We then checked out a Minke whale just offshore before finding a few other Fin whales.
Minke whale cruising around just off the coastline
Our Fin whales were darting around, alternating from circling and then traveling, and enjoyed watching how quickly these massive creatures can move through the water.
A Fin whale circling around inside of Isles of Shoals
This Fin whale has a very noticeable patch on its body; a very distinguishing characteristic of this whale
This afternoon we found ourselves back in the same area. And guess who we watched first? Comet again! Even though this whale was spending a bit more time below the surface of the water we got some fantastic looks as this whale swam alongside us multiple times.
Comet swimming by us!
We were soon underway to look for some other marine life. All in all we found 7 Fin whales during our travels. Some of these whales would show up and then quickly disappear. We would see spouts only a short distance away, make our way up to the area just to find ourselves unable to find the whales again. As a few of the whales were being a bit elusive we were able to check out a pair moving through the water together, one of which was Fjord(!), and another single before it was time to head for home. It was another nice day full of wildlife!
Fjord cruising through the area

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