Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday, July 29

The wind quieted down as the day went on and with whales close to land once again today we were able to get some great looks so close to home. This morning we first checked out a familiar whale, though it has not been seen by us for 12 days. It was #9709. This whale has spent the past month showing up, disappearing, and once again coming into our camera viewfinders. What a nice surprise to see this whale back again today. However, this whale was being a bit tricky to get good looks at this morning. It was darting all around in so many different directions, taking minimal breaths at the surface and was being a bit challenging. Our patience paid off though as we did manage to get a few nice looks.
Beautiful rainbow-blow!
Fin whale surfacing
We decided to venture towards Jeffreys Ledge to look for other activity but unfortunately did not come across anything while on our offshore adventures. As we headed for home we ended up seeing 3 Fin whales! In just a few short hours things had moved on in. We found #9709 again as well as newcomers Fjord and one of the other Fin whales circling around the area.
Fjord just off the coast!
This afternoon we first started with a Minke whale. This animal was spending only a few minutes under the water giving us some great opportunities to spend time watching this whale.
Minke whale
We then got a chance to spend time with 4 Fin whales! First it was Comet inside of Isles of Shoals. We got some great looks at this adult female before moving further down the coastline.
Comet coming to the surface
Next Fjord was spotted. We even got an incredible look as this whale surfaced right next to the boat! What huge animals Fin whales are!
Fjord surfacing right next to us!
Fjord's dorsal fin
Fjord continued to move along and so did we as soon we were once again checking out another whale spout. This time it was yet another familiar whale. Dingle!
Dingle so close to land!
While we do see many of these whales almost every season, it is not normal to see them all on the same day, during the same trip, all in the same area! We wrapped up our day with a final Fin whale, #9709. We even saw Dingle and #9709 pair up for just a brief period in time before once again separating in their own directions.

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