Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What a beautiful day offshore!  We passed by a harbor seal and some harbor porpoises on our way out to our first sighting. This was a humpback whale who was just lounging around and never lifted its tail. Still not sure who that one is at the moment but we can likely match up the dorsal fin if it has been around and identified before.  Further out, we found another dozen humpback whales, some minke whales and a pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins!  Although most of the humpbacks were staying down for 10-12 minutes, there were enough all around us for us to be almost always watching whales, either close by or in the near-distance!  
Spoon and her calf were hanging out with Jabiru yet again, and at one point, A-plus and Chablis joined them!  Geometry was around as well as another single whale I haven’t identified yet but know we’ve seen earlier this season.  
Humpback tail
Then, much to our surprise, we found Owl, one of Blue Ocean’s adoptable whales! This is the first time all season we have seen Owl, although we had reports of her off of Bar Harbor recently.  Glad she’s back in the neighborhood!   

Continuing on, we found another 4 humpbacks together: churn, Spar, Partition and Spell!   

Fantastic Day! Happy birthday to Oliver and Karen!!

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