Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

As we state on all of our trips we never really know what we may find when we leave the harbor. We head to areas where whales have recently been sighted. Sometimes whales are still around and other times we must continue searching. With our captain's expert eyes, and our determined dedication, anything is possible. This morning we saw 9 minke whales, a pod of 25 Atlantic white-sided dolphins associated with Bolshoi the fin whale, a pair of humpback whales and even a ocean sunfish. Offshore, we were first able to keep an eye on dolphins moving around the area while a fin whale was spending a good amount of time under the water as both of these types of whales were ultimately moving around together.
Atlantic white-sided dolphin with our fin whale

Fin whale surfacing with a dolphin nearby
Bolshoi the fin whale
Fin whale
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
Humpback whales, Jabiru and her 2018 calf, were also later found during our trip.
Jabiru and her calf
An ocean sunfish was even sighted as we headed home from our morning trip!
Ocean sunfish
This afternoon we got a chance to spend time with humpback whales Jabiru and her 2018 calf and 2 minke whales even as the wind picked up!
Jabiru and her calf this afternoon

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