Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Activity here, there and everywhere today! Both trips were incredible. This morning we saw two pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins (a pod of 30-35 and a second pod of 30-40), four minke whales, 10 humpback whales and our first pod of common dolphins for the season (uncommonly spotted in our area)!
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
A pod of common dolphins!!!
Common dolphins!
Jabiru and Spoon
Most of our humpback whales were resting but upon getting ready to depart the whales really kicked things into high gear.
Two napping humpback whales
Breaching was happening near the boat, out in the distance, flippers were in the air, there was something to look at on either side of the boat! Known whales included Spoon, her calf, Jabiru, Geometry, Fan, Lava, Partition, Spar, Victim and Ravine.
Spoon's calf breaching (above and below)

As if this morning wasn't impressive enough, the afternoon continued to hold the bar high. We saw 11 humpback whales and three
minke whales. Again, whales were being active by breaching, lob-tailing, tail-breaching, flipper-slapping all by multiple whales.                                                      

Massive tail-breach
Chablis lob-tailing
We are still working on identifying all our individuals but we spent time with Spoon, her calf, Jabiru, Lava, Geometry, Chablis, Toboggan, Victim and Ravine.
Spoon's calf breaching
Spoon's calf continuing to breach
Chablis tail-breaching
Ravine and Victim
Even during our time offshore the whales were changing their movements and their behaviors. Tomorrow is a new day with unknown adventures and whatever wildlife has in store for us we will eagerly await.

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