Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018

No matter what the conditions are like above the ocean's surface a whale needs to breathe and thus must rise to the surface to exhale and inhale. Therefore, no matter if it is sunny, cloudy, windy or rainy whales will still surface to breathe and that's the moment we get a chance to experience them. This morning we saw seven minke whales, 30-40 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, three fin whales and three humpback whales.
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Our pod of dolphins became briefly associated with one of our fin whales, Bolshoi, and our humpback whales included Jabiru, Spoon and Spoon's 2018 calf.
Bolshoi the fin whale

Great shearwater near our dolphins
Our humpback whales spent most of the morning napping while other baleen whales were busy darting around the area.
Spoon the humpback whale
Spoon and her calf
This afternoon we saw six minke whales, four fin whales, the same trio of humpback whales and an ocean sunfish.
Our first sighting this afternoon was a minke whale inside the Rye Harbor mile-marker buoy!
Minke whale surfacing as the rain drops fell
Ocean sunfish
Bolshoi remained in the area offshore and was doing lots of tight circles at the surface.
Fin whale spout
Spoon's calf slapped its flippers a few times but otherwise, the humpback whales continued to be very mellow. So much wildlife to look at and enjoy today even through the raindrops!
Whale tail
Trio of humpback whales at the surface
Jabiru and Spoon

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