Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

This morning our trip started with a pod of 50-60 Atlantic white-sided dolphins. As these whales zipped through the water we got some fantastic looks at these speedy toothed-whales!

This Atlantic white-sided dolphin belly-flopped a few times after jumping clear out of the water!
We then saw a napping fin whale, six minke whales and six humpback whales. Just like the fin whale, most of our humpback whales were napping. Such mellow mammals this morning!
Humpback whale
Minke whale
Known individuals included Geometry, Spoon and her calf, Victim and Jabiru. Spoon awoke a few times to smack her massive flipper on the surface. Wow, what a big flipper!
Spoon and her calf
Spoon slowly raising her flipper above the waterline
Spoon on her side
Pair of humpback whales
This afternoon we saw seven humpback whales. We started the trip with Spoon and her calf and no surprise here they were napping! But without any warning (which is typical being that we are gazing upon wildlife) these whales became quite active. Both mom and calf tail-breached and lob-tailed, sometimes in unison. Spoon even full-body breached a couple of times. After all that flurry of activity, napping resumed again.
Spoon tail-breaching
Moments later, Spoon's calf tail-breaches!
Spoon's calf spy-hopping
Like mother, like calf. Spoon and her calf simultaneously lob-tailing
Spoon lob-tailing belly-up!
Breach from Spoon!
We checked out Geometry briefly who also breached, saw a few distant whales and spent time with a trio of humpback whales.
Our group of whales included Victim and Fan. Again, mostly napping but Fan would roll over on her side frequently during our time with them. Such interesting behaviors and moments throughout the entire day today!
Trio of humpback whales
Fan just hanging out on her side

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