Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday, August 18, 2018

We have been extremely fortunate to have experienced some incredible trips this season. At times I think, there is no way the trips could get better. And then they do. This morning we saw at least three minke whales, six humpback whales, three fin whales, two pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins and two black terns! Our dolphins were fantastic swimming close by the boat.
Our first whale sighting of the day, a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins
The first humpback whales we saw were Pinball and Hornbill moving independently of each other.
We also spent time with a trio of humpbacks. These animals included Clipper, Quote and another whale yet to be identified.
Clipper and Quote
Black tern
This black tern spent time flying alongside the boat
During our travels back to Rye Harbor we ended up finding another group of Atlantic white-sided dolphins and even a fin whale!
Second pod of dolphins!
Fin whale
This afternoon we again saw two different pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, six to eight minke whales, a LEATHERBACK SEA TURTLE(!!!!), seven humpback whales and an Atlantic puffin!! So much variety!!!
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Dolphin surfacing
Leatherback sea turtle!!! (above and below)

The humpback whales in the area included Spoon, Spoon's 2018 calf, Jabiru, Patches, Geometry, Victim and Fan.
Spoon and Jabiru
No matter where you looked there was a whale surfacing nearby and that was after our rare sightings of a sea turtle and a puffin! It is still overwhelming to think about all the incredible creatures we saw today.
More dolphins this afternoon!

Whale tail

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