Saturday, August 25, 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018

This morning our sightings started with a great group of a mellow moving pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. We got some fantastic looks at these whales before continuing along offshore.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)

We also had a total of three minke whales and five humpback whales. This morning we documented Spoon and her calf in association with Jabiru while a couple of other individuals could be seen out in the distance.
Spoon and Jabiru
This afternoon we again saw five humpback whales in addition to five minke whales. This time however, we initially spotted Spoon and her calf alone but soon enough Geometry became associated with the pair.
Spoon and her calf
We also briefly watched Jabiru and Patches moving around independently of each other, as a sporadic breach from one whale or another occurred while in the area. It is amazing how bonds between whales can unite and dissolve in such a short period of time. During our travels home, a minke whale breached too(!) only a couple miles from home. Wildlife keeps us on our toes from the moment we leave the harbor until the moment we return!
Whale tail

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