Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

Dolphins tend to be infrequent whales we sight during our trips but that was far from the case today. This morning we saw 4 large groups of Atlantic white-sided dolphins ranging from 50-120+ individuals per group!
Atlantic white-sided dolphins from our morning trip (above and below)

This afternoon we saw 3 pods of these toothed-whales with well over 150 of them! What a dolphin kind of day! And if you are a fan of birds, it was paradise! Soooooooo many shearwaters, mainly greats and a few cory's, were constantly flying around these toothed-whales, doing their best to consume any scraps missed by the whales!
Great shearwater
Great shearwater photo-bombing this Atlantic white-sided dolphin!
This morning we also saw 4 minke whales, 8 fin whales, a lion's mane jellyfish and two humpback whales. We found two pairs of fin whales including Crow and #0354 on the move together.
Fin whale
There were sporadic sightings of whales in all different directions around the boat. After seeing our multiple large pods of dolphins we ended the morning with a pair of humpback whales. Tear was one of these whales. The other one never showed its unique tail pattern and instead just steadily traveled along.
Humpback whale
This afternoon we saw Hornbill the humpback whale, multiple distant fin whales, 3 minke whales and humpback whale pair Jabiru and her 2018 calf, on top of all the dolphins mentioned earlier in this post! So much life to experience!

Great shearwater captured head-on as these birds continued to surround our sightings of dolphins this afternoon

Afternoon sighting of dolphins (above and below)

Jabiru and her calf

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