Monday, August 27, 2018

Monday, August 27, 2018

Sea conditions were stunning today so not only was seeing wildlife perfection, the viewing of all that wildlife was equally as fantastic. On our way offshore we found a pod of 60-70 Atlantic white-sided dolphins.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
This nursery pod was so mellow allowing for some beautiful looks at these toothed-whales.
Glass-like ocean!

More dolphins!
Offshore we saw at least 8 minke whales, a fin whale, 11 humpback whales and a of couple harbor seals.
A group of five humpback whales were napping at the surface together, another pair was moving around in sync and other individuals surfaced here and there.
Four (out of five) humpback whales
Low head-breach from a humpback whale
Pair of whales diving
Identified whales included Spar, Partition, Toboggan, Lava, Churn, Geometry, Fan, Victim and Ravine.
Fan diving
On our travels home we spotted plenty of harbor porpoise making for quite the variety of marine life today!
Harbor porpoise

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