Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

There are always surprises each day when it comes to wildlife. The wild whales we search for are moving around on their own terms and we are so fortunate to have such productive feeding grounds just off the coast. This morning for the first time ever we witnessed a gull land on a sleeping humpback whale, literally peck at it, and can only guess the whale was NOT impressed with this bird's activity. This whale, known as Spoon, woke up instantaneously, slipped under the water and then watched her calf, followed by herself, breach completely out of the water! Needless to say, this was quite the series of events and it was just the first sighting of the day!
Spoon's breach soon after being pecked on by a bird passing by!
Spoon and her calf
We also saw 4 minke whales, an ocean sunfish and humpback whales Ravine and Patches.
Trio of humpback whales
Whales at the surface in calm seas and a foggy horizon
Ocean sunfish
This afternoon we saw 6 minke whales and 7 humpback whales. Associations between whales were continuously shifting during the afternoon which included pairs and trios between Spoon, her calf, Ravine, Jabiru, Patches, Victim and Fan. Some new whales scattered among some of the same whales that have been spending time in our area. Always something new and different on every single trip!
A new visitor to our area this season, Victim!

Another new visitor this year, Fan!
Pair of humpback whales at the surface

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