Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Each day, marine life continues to leave us in awe. Recently, there has been so much to look at and so many memorable moments. Having the opportunity to watch wildlife in their natural habitat is an impressive day and we are so fortunate to see even the smallest glimpse into the lives of these mammals. Today we saw a pod of 12-15 Atlantic white-sided dolphins, five minke whales and eight humpback whales.
Humpback whale
Our dolphins came and went throughout the trip, becoming associated with their larger baleen "cousins" as we spent time offshore.
Dolphin dorsal fin just behind a humpback whale tail
Minke whales were popping up all around us. Our humpback whales were converging with each other at times.
Spoon's flipper in the air as her calf naps nearby at the surface
Sprinkles' flipper
We had moments of watching pairs, trios, a group of four and at one point, before our very eyes, we saw six humpback whales group up together! Suddenly, this group was side by side one another, many of them flipper-slapping all the while having our pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins in the mix. Wow. What a sight.
Humpback whales converging together while a dolphin swim towards them in the foreground
Atlantic white-sided dolphins swimming past us
Lob-tailing whale next to a flipper-slapping whale
We were able to identify all the humpback whales we saw today which included Geometry, Spoon, Spoon's 2018 calf, Solo, Sprinkles, Jabiru, Spar and Toboggan.
Spoon and her calf simultaneously flipper-slapping

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