Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Today we were fortunate enough to see toothed-whales and baleen whales on both of our trips! This morning we saw a pod of ~50 Atlantic white-sided dolphins and 4 humpback whales.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)

More spouts were out in the distance from multiple humpback whales but we spent our time with Spoon and her 2018 calf and Sedge.
Spoon and her calf
Spoon's calf was rolling around at the surface a bit flipper slapping, spy-hopping and even breaching once randomly!
Spoon's calf spy-hopping! 
This afternoon we saw 2 minke whales, 3 small pods of Atlantic white-sided dolphins, a fin whale and 5 humpback whales.
More Atlantic white-sided dolphins sighted this afternoon!
Some whales were spending more time at the surface than others but we got some great looks at Wigwam and her 2018 calf and Clamp the humpback whales.
Wigwam's calf was being a little squirmy at the surface, rolling around, flipper slapping and also spy-hopping.
A spy-hop from Wigwam's calf!
Wigwam at the surface while her calf begins to raise its flipper in the air

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