Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sat, June 16, 2018

This morning we found a gray seal hanging out near our boat before finding some humpback whales in the area. Satula, Hornbill (both adoptable) and Sedge were seen within a mile of each other but doing their own things.  A minke whale popped up as did a small pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins. This pod was tricky to get looks at since they seemed pretty intent on finding fish to eat!  We passed by a couple more minke whales before finding a huge fin whale. This was Dingle, a favorite of ours and also an adoptable whale!  We passed another minke whale and some harbor seals on our way home.




This afternoon, we ventured in a different direction, following a report by a fishing boat. There we found a huge group of Atlantic white sided dolphins and a fin whale. The dolphins were feeding and were very spread out but we estimate 400+ in the pod. Leaping dolphins, curious dolphins, hungry dolphins….we saw it all! A few northern gannets were also on scene, probably trying to catch some of the fish that the dolphins and fin whale missed.  We also saw several grey seals and harbor seals off shore and had the rare treat of swinging by Boon Island on our way home to see the colony of seals there!  A minke whale was spotted on our way home and this by far was the best minke whale sighting of the day!
Atlantic white sided dolphins

Boon Island

Harbor seals on Boon Island

Minke whale

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