Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday, June 9

Today most of our sightings were congregated in one general area. In total, we saw at least 10 minke whales, a basking shark and two pairs of fin whales.
Pair of fin whales at the surface
Basking shark's dorsal fin
At one point minke whales and fin whales were popping up in every which direction. The calm seas allowed for such an enjoyable experience to not only watch the whales but hear their exhalations as they spent time circling around the boat.
The calm seas made for the perfect backdrop to watch whales in, like this massive fin whale
Minke whale
One of the whales we sighted today is a familiar visitor to the area and the first sighting of this whale this season. Welcome back Dingle, one of Blue Ocean Society's adoptable whales!
Dingle the fin whale

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