Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday, June 14

We always enjoy seeing as much as the ocean allows and today we got a chance to see 3 species of whales. We started with multiple fin whales in the area; three in total for the day.
Fin whale spout
One of our fin whales for the day
Certain whales were spending more time at the surface than others but the overcast skies created stunning conditions to spot spouts even out in the distance. One of our fin whales is a whale we have seen over the years. Fin whale #9709, a known adult female, has come to visit again for the 2018 season!
Fin whale #9709
We also had 3 minke whales pop up around the boat as we spent time offshore and checked out Hornbill the humpback whale, a whale first documented in the Gulf of Maine in 1977!

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