Saturday, June 23, 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

The northeast wind was a bit fierce as we left the dock but thankfully it died right out. After a little searching, we found a few humpback whales, Wilson’s storm petrels, great shearwaters, sooty shearwaters and northern gannets. The first humpback was adoptable whale, Satula. 

He was blowing deep bubble clouds to corral his prey.  Next was Gondolier:

 and finally Clamp. She was also feeding using bubble clouds!  

The morning trip turned out much better than I had expected! Just goes to show, you can never have expectations of what you will, or will not, see!

The afternoon trip was beautiful. Several minke whales were seen included one that came up right in front of our boat!  We also got looks at three humpback whales and spotted even more whales in the distance! Pinball, another adoptable whale was taking short dives and surfacing frequently. 

Then Wigwam and her calf showed us just what mom/calf pairs do: Mom will venture off to feed while the calf is left to its own devices. While Wigwam was away, the calf played!  The youngster stayed with our boat checking us out!  Just before Wigwam returned, threw its tail out of the water, creating a nice splash. The calf did that a couple times before it met up with mom and they went on their way.

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