Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday, June 15, 2018

This afternoon, we headed towards Jeffreys Ledge but found whales before we got there! Hornbill, a humpback whale, was the first to be spotted, and even from a distance, we recognized him with his small dorsal fin that has some white scarring.  He was all over the place, but that is typical Hornbill behavior! Hornbill has been seen a couple of times already this season so great to know that he is sticking around!

Next we found Satula, who is also easy to identify from a distance based on his lack of dorsal fin! Several humpback whales have lost their dorsal fins and all have unique scars. Satula was doing short dives and staying at the surface long enough for us to get close enough to see the “glow” of the long, white flippers underwater.  This was our first look at Satula this season so great to know that he has survived another year!

Both Hornbill and Satula are adoptable through Blue OceanSociety!  It is always great to see familiar whales out there!

Next we found a 3rd humpback whale who was on the move. As we waited for it to reappear, a pair of fin whales surfaced close by. We have not identified these individuals yet but will keep you posted when we do! Fin whales are huge- the 2nd largest animal on Earth! Watching a pair of them surface and dive together was quite remarkable!

On our way home, we found our 3rd humpback whale again. This was Nike, who is a new visitor to the area this year! 

 Fantastic afternoon of whale watching to start off a great weekend full of more whale watching!

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