Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday, June 30, 2018

This morning we saw 8 minke whales and 2 humpback whales. Our minke whales were scattered all throughout the trip.
One of the many minke whales sighted this morning
We also got the chance to spend time with Gondolier and Pinball the humpbacks whales. Even though a good-sized swell remained the surface was calm allowing for great viewing conditions of our whales.
Pinball (above and below)

Perhaps the most special sighting of the morning for the crew however, was a certain minke whale we found on our travels home. Referred to as "Finke" by the Granite State crew, this whale has had a rough life. Not only is it missing its dorsal fin but it has multiple scars from multiple human-related impacts. Luckily this whale still lives even after being struck by a boat. We haven't seen this whale in a couple years so it was a wonderful surprise to see it today!
"Finke' the minke! You can see even on a nice day it is tough to spot this whale!
This afternoon we saw a pod of 6 Atlantic white-sided dolphins briefly, 2 fin whales, 4 minke whales and 2 humpback whales. One of our fin whales was #9709, a known adult female.
Fin whale #9709
Gondolier and Pinball continued to be in the area as we watched them create a few bubble clouds before wrapping up another successful day in the Gulf of Maine.

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