Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday, August 26

We had a few challenging whales and some absolutely fantastic whales today. Through the bit of wind and waves we started the day watching a Fin whale on the move.
A bit of wave activity was no match for this Fin whale moving straight through the waves
Dingle the Fin whale was traveling through the region. This whale was spending a bit of time below the surface. Unfortunately the longer we spent watching this whale the longer this whale started to hold its breath. So much so that after waiting more than 15 minutes for the second time, still without relocating this whale, we decided to see if we could find a whale that was spending a bit more time at the surface. As we traveled along we saw out in the distance a bit of extra splashing (even through the waves already visible at the surface). As we moved closer the splashing continued and was spreading out. There was a very large group of Atlantic white-sided dolphins heading our way! As we spent time with this group we realized there must be at least 200 animals in this pod!
These dolphins were creating their own whitewater as they darted around the area!
Older and younger dolphins could be seen in this very large pod!
This was by far the largest grouping of these whales we have seen all season! These whales were great as they were darting everywhere around the boat!
Dolphins cruising past us
An Atlantic white-sided dolphin!
After some incredible looks and with a few other boats moving on in to check out this group of whales we continued on. We searched and searched and searched some more. Just before it was time to head for home we saw a spout. A Fin whale suddenly appeared!
Large spout from a Fin whale
This was a different whale than we had started out trip with. What a nice way to end our day with another one of the second largest animals in the world!
Fin whale to end our trip with today swimming just off our port side!

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