Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday, August 23

This morning’s trip started out well with just a little bit of a sea from the NE wind. We found 2 minke whales, both of which were amazing and staying at the surface for a long time.  Sometimes in wavy conditions, the minkes are difficult to see, but these two were very good!

Morning minke whale
As we traveled around the area just inshore of Jeffreys Ledge, we stopped at a few hotspots but didn’t see much besides some cool birds (Corys and Great shearwaters). But then our intern, Hannah, spotted a little fin moving up and down close to us. An ocean sunfish appeared and swam all around the boat!  Although not a whale, the sunfish was a nice added bonus to our trip.

This afternoon the sun came out and the seas calmed down. After trying to get looks at a couple of elusive minke whales just behind the Isles of Shoals, we found several very cooperative minkes a bit further out. One was the adoptable minke named Scar!! Scar was seen as far back as 1995 so it’s always great to see this visitor back in the area!  As some other whale watch boats ventured in to see Scar, we continued on to find 4 more minke whales, including 3 all in one small area!  Minkes were everywhere!!
Scar Minke

Minke whale with 2 notched in fin
Minke whale

Although these speedy little whales are really cool to see, we decided to press our luck and head up towards Boon Island off the coast of Maine on a hunch. We actually passed by another minke whale just to seek out new territory. Our searching paid off as we soon found ourselves in the presence of 3 huge fin whales! The first one was Dingle, who has been seen in the area frequently this summer. As we waited for him to resurface, a second fin whale appeared close by. This one was “Flower”, a whale yet to be cataloged but is going by this nickname. 

Fin whale, Dingle

Dingle spouting
Fin whale, Flower

 Before we knew it, these 2 whales got together and were synchronizing their breaths and dives!  It was so great to see these enormous whales moving next to each other especially after seeing so many smaller and solitary whales.  Then we saw the 3rd spout a bit out in the distance. We passed by this whale on our way home but don’t have an ID yet.  Such a great end to busy day!

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