Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday, August 22

Today was a bit of a challenge in the whale-finding sense. Although the wind and waves were a bit more than forecasted, the conditions were certainly not  poor.  This morning, after lots and lots of searching, we gave up and started back in towards Rye. But soon after we made this call, a minke whale showed up right near the boat!  It was as if it really wanted to be seen! We watched it a few times, but then it decided to continue on its way, and so did we.

This afternoon was a more productive but not at all easy. We headed for an area where a couple different whales had been seen. We searched and searched and saw a very nice ocean sunfish and a handful of harbor porpoises, but no whales. We decided to head to a different area when one of the other whale watch boats reported a whale close by. Finally, we saw a couple of minke whales! We stayed with one for a while and then ventured near the second. We got some very nice looks at these whales as they seemed to be sticking around in the area!

This wasn't our best day, but as I always say, any day with a whale is a great day!

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