Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday, August 12

This morning we spent time with 5 Fin whales including two different pairs as well as 3 Minke whales today.
Fin whale at the surface
Our Minke whale sightings started with just one in the area before spotting another one moving on in. Soon without us really moving much a third one suddenly appeared while we continued to watch the first two move around the area.
One of our Minke whales
Our Fin whales were seen in pairs before checking out a single whale on our way home. The first pair of the second largest animals in the world included Dingle.
Dingle the Fin whale
Fin whale swimming around with Dingle
These two whales were circling around as we got some great looks at them as they meandered around.
Two very large Fin whales at the surface
Dingle (in the background) as these two Fin whales moved around together this morning
The second pair of Fin whales we checked out included Crow on the move. As these two whales cruised on by us we also got some great looks at these mammals maneuvering around the ocean together.
Fin whales synchronizing their surfaces and deeper dives! (above and below)
Crow in the background as we got a chance to see two different pairs of Fin whales this morning!
Our last whale of the morning was moving through the area but we were able to capture a few photographs that we will use to attempt to match up this whale to a known whale in the Fin whale Catalog.
Single Fin whale traveling along
This afternoon we started our trip with some great looks at an Ocean sunfish. This large fish was just slowly swimming at the surface giving all of us on board a chance to check out such an interesting looking creature.
Ocean sunfish
Soon we were onto our first whale which turned out to be the same one we had ended our trip with just a few hours earlier! While this whale was scooting about we did get some nice looks even though this whale was being a bit unpredictable in it's movements. Such is wildlife, being wild and all :)
First afternoon Fin whale
We ended our day with a pair of Fin whales; the exact same pair we first spent time with this morning. It was Dingle and friend!
Another sighting of Dingle's "friend" as these whales continued to swim around together
It is always great to see the same whales spending so much time in our area, from the start of the day to the end and hopefully in more days to come!
Fin whale

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