Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday, August 17

This afternoon we started, and continued, our trip attempting to get some looks at the many Minke whales we kept seeing. One would be at the surface so we would make our way into the area to then sit and wait. Nothing. Eventually we would continue on, spot another Minke, only to have the same thing happen to us again. Hmmmm... this was not working as well as we were hoping. Wild animals like to remind us just how wild they are and sometimes just like to disappear from the surface. As the afternoon continued we ended up in an area where a different species of whale was. It was a Fin whale.
Fin whale spout
This whale alternated taking short dive intervals and then spending more than 10 minutes underneath the water! Luckily this whale was not flying through the area and were fortunate enough to get some great looks as this whale was meandering around. After a few glances we were able to confirm exactly who this whale was (thanks to a small scar found at the front base of it's dorsal fin) it was #0402. This whale has been spending a few weeks in our area so it was certainly nice to know this whale was still in our area for at least another day.
Fin whale #0402 moving through the area
On our way home our Minke whale luck finally changed for after attempting to get looks at 5 different Minke whales it was #6 who remained at the surface for many breaths every few minutes! As the whales continue to move around we look forward to seeing what we may see, where we may end up and how it will all play out next time we are off searching for these incredible wild whales!
Such beautiful scenery today with all the scattered clouds and sunshine

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