Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday, June 3

June has arrived! While the temperature seems far from summer-like conditions, our season is well underway and today was another success. Today we headed to an area of Jeffreys Ledge where some of our fishing friends had seen whale activity earlier this morning. Once we got to the area however, it was very quiet. Void of any whale activity. So, just as we normally do, if nothing is around it is time to go searching. Off we went and soon enough we saw a whale exhalation. Initially, this whale was darting around in every which direction. We found ourselves bouncing back and forth but soon this whale slowed its movements and began circling around. We were fortunate to get some great looks at this very familiar adult humpback whale, Hornbill.
Hornbill the humpback whale (above and below)

During our travels home we saw another type of whale; a large fin whale. This whale was also doing some traveling but we were able to catch up to it before it decided to go on a deeper dive.
Fin whale spout

Fin whale
Add in a couple of minke whales throughout the trip and just like that it was whale-rounded kind of day!

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