Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday, June 29 Morning Trip

Days when the ocean resembles that of a lake rather than the open sea is already a fantastic way to start the day. Days when the wind is minimal allows us to have our keen eyes ready for ANY disturbance on the water. A small splash or even a slight disturbance can be enough to trigger our trained eyes to investigate further. Such calm seas can allow our passengers do the same; watch and find anything that creates even the slightest amount of white water! Thanks to our excited passengers, beautiful conditions and productive marine environment we got a chance to see 9 minke whales, 6 fin whales, Hornbill the humpback whale, a brief glimpse of a basking shark and a scattering of harbor seals during our trip this morning. The seas were so calm that even a distant minke whale could be seen by so many on board. We also had great conditions for checking out some of the second largest whales on earth... fin whales!
The first of many fin whales sighted this morning
Fin whale swimming a few miles beyond the Isles of Shoals
Further offshore we found Hornbill the humpback whale busy doing circles allowing for some wonderful looks at this species of whale.
Hornbill (above and below)

On our way home we got a chance to see a few more fin whales including a trio swimming alongside each other.
The sleek bodies of 2 of the 3 fin whales seen associated together


  1. Thank you for a great trip this morning! So happy to have seen as many as we did. The crew did an awesome job....thank you for making my first trip to the New England states memorable.

  2. Thank you for a very memorable day 🐳 I was so excited to see as many whales as we did...and Hornbill 🐳🐳 The crew did a great job and Blue Ocean was so knowledgeable! Will definitely be back 🐳🐳

  3. Thank you so much ladies! We appreciate your feedback and are thrilled to know you had a fantastic trip to New England. Thanks so much for choosing us!