Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday, June 14

Today was all about the second largest animals on the planet. We saw 11 fin whales during our trip today!
Fin whale
You can see the white lower jaw, a trait all fin whales possess, in this image!
Most of these whales were singles circling around likely going after the massive amounts of food we were picking up on our fish finder!
Our fish finder is marking LOTS of food. We are in 539ft of water and the bright blobs starting from just below the surface down to ~400ft is all the food in the water column!
We also saw a pair on the move together and even a trio of these massive mammals side by side by side each other.
Three fin whales synchronizing their movements together
It is always impressive checking one of these whales out but it is quite humbling to be surrounded by so many of these whales during an afternoon in the Gulf of Maine!
Another fin whale sighted during the trip

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