Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday, June 13

Normally the ocean provides a respite from the hot temperatures on land. But not today. There wasn't a breath of air to speak of so we never got a break from the heat most folks were experiencing on land. The lack of wind however, provided gorgeous conditions to watch wildlife in. We were able to see 6 fin whales, 5 minke whales and 4 basking sharks during our trip today.
Minke whale

One of our fin whales briefly rolled on its side as you can see a portion of it's tail (on the left-hand side) of this image
Fin whale
It was a beautiful day to check out some of the second largest sharks (basking shark) and animals (fin whale) on earth!
Such calm conditions as a fin whale surfaces for a breath of air
Dorsal fin of a basking shark creating a wake as it swims at the surface
Massive fin whale

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