Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday, June 15

This morning our boat was filled with lots of very energetic students. We headed offshore and spotted a basking shark before finding a number of whales. We were surrounded by 8 fin whales and Pinball the humpback whale.
Close look at a fin whale swimming past us
Fin whale
Pinball the humpback whale
Pinball was seen earlier this week but in a very different area of Jeffreys Ledge. What a great surprise to see this very familiar visitor in this area today!
Pinball (above and below)

This afternoon we headed back out to the same area we had been this morning. This time we found 11 fin whales! Some of these whales were out in the distance but many of them we seen surfacing all around our boat.
One of the many fin whales sighted this afternoon
Fin whale cruising through the waves with ease
Another fin whale
You can see just how distinct some of these whales dorsal fins can be by using even the smallest missing notch from its fin. These subtle differences are what we use to help individually identify the second largest animals on earth! Below are just 3 of the many fin whales we encountered this afternoon.

Every day, every hour, every sighting is its own unique experience and today was no exception.

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