Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday, May 28

The whales continue to leave us in awe. We had so much whale activity surrounding us there wasn't enough time to check everything out! Today we spent time watching 8 sei whales, 4 humpback whales, a quick glance of a minke whale and a pod of 10-15 Atlantic white-sided dolphins. And if you are a bird fan our dedicated birding friends counted over 500 northern gannets flying around all the whale activity! Most of the whales we saw were actively feeding at the surface. Sei whales were skim feeding and lunging through the water while humpback whales were kick feeding and creating bubble clouds.
Sei whale skim feeding

Humpback whale surface feeding
Our humpback whales were identified as Shuffleboard, Nile, Owl and her 2017 calf! Owl is one of our favorites and also a Blue Ocean Society adoptable whale!
Humpback whale tail
Owl and her calf moving through the water
Perhaps the icing on the cake for the day was a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins on the move through the area. They charged and leaped through the waves giving us such an appreciation of the speed, agility and size of these toothed whales.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins zipping through the waves

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