Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wednesday June 28, 2017

We started our day offshore today with a couple of very relaxed Fin whales.  The sun's angle was just right to let us see right through the surface of the water and glimpse the whole body of our first Fin whale as it swam by our boat. They are SO impressive!  After a quick look at a Minke whale, we moved into an area where two humpbacks were feeding.  We were fortunate to get to see both Hornbill and Gondolier.  A harbor seal pup came over to check us out while we were waiting for one of the whales to return to the surface.  All in all it was quite a trip!

Our afternoon trip brought a different variety of animals to watch.  We started out with several Minke whales and then we were treated to a pod of Atlantic Whitesided Dolphins.  There were at least 50 dolphins swimming and playing around our boat!  Our next sightings included Fin whales and a basking shark!  "Every trip is different."  We say that all the time and today's variety of animal species is a perfect example.

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