Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday, June 25

This morning we found one fin whale after another. Among the 7 fin whales we saw in total there were also 9 minke whales throughout our travels and Hornbill the humpback whale.
The first of many fin whales to come for the day
The white lower jaw found on the right-hand side of all fin whales
Hornbill the humpback whale
With barely any wind on the water the ocean provided pristine conditions to not only search for, but also watch, these beautiful creatures. We found a fin whale napping, blue fin tuna leaping out of the water and a very familiar minke whale: Scar!
Scar minke whale!
This afternoon we saw 4 fin whales offshore and a minke whale inside the Isles of Shoals! Some of our fin whales were doing a great job holding their breaths but we got some great views of these massive creatures.
Large fin whale
Another fin whale. These whales are soooooo long!

Fin whale with the state of Maine in the background

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