Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4

We were so fortunate to see so much marine life today! The day's total included 5 fin whales, 2 humpback whales, a minke whale, a small pod of harbor porpoise, 2 basking sharks and 2 feeding sei whales. We first attempted to check out one of the 3 fin whales we had around us. Unfortunately, these whales were being quite elusive and on the move.
Fin whale
We got a couple of looks at some of the second largest animals on earth before we decided to move on to another whale nearby. This whale was not moving far in any direction giving us the chance to spend some quality time with a humpback whale known as Obsidian.
Obsidian's large flipper in the air
After some nice looks at this whale we decided to do some more searching with the time we had remaining. It certainly paid off as we found a few other fin whales, Hornbill the humpback whale, a couple of basking sharks and a pair of sei whales!
Hornbill the humpback whale
The sharks and sei whales seemed to be working a tidal boundary created by the movements of the open ocean.
Dorsal fin of one of our sei whales
We checked out one of the sharks before we watched sei whales skim-feed and lunge-feed along the side of the boat. Plenty of life to see and experience out on Jeffreys Ledge today!
Tip of the dorsal fin of a basking shark
Lunge-feeding sei whale
Skim-feeding sei whale

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