Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, June 22

Today it one fin whale after another! This morning we took a great group of students out from Indian River. We ended up finding 5 fin whales and 6 minke whales.
First fin whale of the day: #9724
Some of our morning whales were being a bit elusive but when you have (literally) a boatload of enthusiastic eagle-eyed kiddos we had no problem relocating anything we came across!
Fin whale spout
Another morning fin whale
This afternoon we started our sightings with a pair of fin whales just beyond the Isles of Shoals!
Beautiful chevron pattern from one of our afternoon fin whales
Fin whale
The sightings kept coming after that. More and more fin whales, 9 in total(!) and even a couple humpback whales; thanks Captain Brad.
Fin whale exhalation
Nature certainly has some magical moments
Our humpback whale sightings included a quick distant look at Hornbill while we watched Gondolier circle around creating a few bubble clouds.

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