Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday, July 15

Our day today started off with some very thick fog before we broke through the low clouds, found whales, got a few rain drops on us and watched the wind start to build before wrapping up another successful day of whale watching. Whales spend their entire lives surround by bountiful amounts of water so a few raindrops falling from the sky is pretty insufficient for these mammals. Luckily, we also missed many of the rain clouds forming near the coast making for a much more comfortable time for all of us land mammals as we went in search of whales. This morning we spotted a handful of Harbor seals, a Blue shark and 3 Minke whales.
Minke whale coming up to the surface for a breath of air

Small Minke whale seen this morning
One of our Minke whale was a familiar "friend;" it was Scar!
This whale has been spending a bit of time in our small section of the ocean and we once again enjoyed seeing, and knowing, this whale continues to circle around searching for food. On our way home we maneuvered around plenty of activity around us as we just got a quick shower overhead.
Rain clouds were to the north (above) and south (below) of us as we made our way back towards Rye Harbor this morning
This afternoon we found ourselves in a slightly different offshore area and first came across a large Fin whale.
Fin whale

Fin whale going on a dive
What a surprise as we got some very nice looks at one of the second largest animals on Earth. While waiting for our Fin whale to return up to the surface we also checked out a Minke whale moving through the area.
Afternoon Minke whale
As we continued to search for more marine life we found ourselves not far from Boon Island and stopped to check out the seal colonies before heading for home.

Just before getting back to the Harbor we even got to see a distant look at a tall ship moving through the area. A nice scenic way to end our day.
Sailing vessel Galeon Andalucia about to pass White Island

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