Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday, July 9

Our journey to Jeffreys Ledge this morning brought two Minke whale and two Humpback whales to check out. Our Minke whales were on the outskirts of the area as we first started watching Sedge before spending some time with Hornbill. Both of these Humpback whales were maneuvering around the area, with their own independent movements, yet never terribly far from each other. A nice way to see multiple whales in the same general area this morning.

This afternoon we ended up finding a different yet familiar whale we have seen over the past few weeks. It was Pinball the Humpback whale.
At first this adult female was on the move before she completely changed up her behavior. We ended up shutting down our engines and watching this whale move in towards us multiple times.
Pinball swimming closely alongside our boat
Perhaps this whale was checking us out as we sat there in such flat-calm ocean conditions watching this mammal. Multiple times this whale swam in towards us, at all angles around the boat, and even under our pulpit numerous times.
One of our favorite ways to watch whales is when we can just sit floating in the water and watch such amazing wildlife move all around us wondering just what these whales may be thinking as they choose to move closer to us with such ease. What a special experience for all on board.
Rain-blow from Pinball
We couldn't have asked for better weather conditions or better whale behaviors but to add to the quality time spent watching Pinball we also saw 3 Minke whales and even a quick look at a Fin whale on our ride home.
Fin whale in flat-calm ocean conditions!
You know when the crew steps off the boat at the end of the day with smiles of awe and pure happiness it was a good day, and today was one of those day.

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