Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday, July 27

This morning we were "lucky" enough to not shake the fog. We were in it, then out, then socked back in more often than we were hoping to be. Each time we managed to get into an area where whales had been reported, and have been spending time, the lack of visibility made finding any sort of wildlife tricky. Many times when visibility is reduced we attempt to listen for whales. They exhale at a rate of 300 mph so that is A LOT of air suddenly being pushed out of a whale's lungs. So much so that you can actually hear a whale exhale. So we sat and listened for any signs of whales. Unfortunately, even these efforts did not produce what we were hoping for. This afternoon we were excited to actually see some ocean around us as we headed offshore. Soon we spotted a Minke whale ahead of us. This whale spent the whole time circling around the area allowing for some great looks at this baleen whale.
Minke whale surfacing in such calm ocean conditions (once the fog finally cleared!)

Minke whale
As we searched offshore for more activity we got a report of a whale only a few miles from us. We headed in that direction and found a different type of whale and a very familiar whale at that. It was Pinball the Humpback whale! We last saw this whale on July 12th, miles from our current location.
Such a surprise and such a great way to wrap up the day as she spent most of her time doing consistent circles at the surface.
Humpback whale tail

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