Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday, July 25

Our morning trip today was a bit challenging. We saw 2 Minke whales and a Fin whale but these whales did not appear as though they wanted to be watched. On top of us managing to find some extremely uncooperative whales we also had to deal with some very unexpected ocean conditions. We rocked and rolled as we attempted to get looks at our whale findings but had a rough go. This morning Mother Nature definitely won out. This afternoon the wind slacked off slightly and we were were back out to see what the offshore ocean would bring. We did come across, and this time actually watched, the whales in the area! We saw 3 Humpback whales: Hornbill, Owl and her calf. Hornbill spent most of his time circling around the area giving us some great looks at this whale.
Hornbill (above and below)

We were excited to see this whale again considering our last sighting of Hornbill was on July 12! We rounded out our trip to Jeffreys Ledge with Owl and her calf as they were moving around this afternoon.
Owl and her calf
Owl's calf's tail

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