Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thursday, July 16

Today we came across a Fin whale that at first appeared to be behaving extremely uncooperatively (which is completely acceptable considering we go in search of wild animals!). This whale was barely showing any of its body when it took a breath of air and we were lucky if it even surfaced more than once in a 5 minutes time-frame. Luckily, while this whale was not spending much time at the surface, it also appeared not to be moving much either. Eventually we realized what was going on... This whale was actually napping! It was remaining just below the waterline, sometimes just out of view, hovering in a stationary state before eventually surfacing for a single breath or air.
Our Fin whale just barely showcasing any of its body above the waterline
We went from thinking we had such a hard-to-watch whale to an animal that we could sit there and keep track of for such a long period of time!
Gorgeous chevron pattern (grey-shading pattern) of our Fin whale

Afternoon Fin whale slowly going on a deeper dive
We spent some very nice quality time with this whale before sneaking away. During our travels we also passed by multiple Blue sharks but unfortunately they too were remaining just below the surface, so much so, that it was tough to keep eyes on them as we attempted to check out a few of these shark sightings. Eventually it was time to head for home which we did after quickly stopping near Boon Island to see both grey seals and harbor seals enjoying "sun-bathing" on the rocks.
Colony of grey seals on one tip of the Boon Island rocks

Harbor seals watching us watching them!
Seals enjoying the sun just like us humans like to!

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