Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday, July 6

It was such a beautiful day offshore today. There was barely a breath of wind during our morning trip and the afternoon provided even better visibility than we had during our morning travels. This morning we saw lots of marine life consisting of mammals and fish alike! We saw 10 Minke whales, 7 Ocean sunfish, a few Harbor seals and even a Blue shark.
Minke whale at the flat calm ocean surface

Check out the extremely uniquely-shaped dorsal fin this Minke whale has!
At one point we had 3 different Minke whales surfacing close to the boat and later on we even had one of the many Ocean sunfish sighted breach right next to the boat!
Ocean sunfish at the surface

Ocean sunfish probably checking out all of our passengers as it swam so close to us!
What a great way to start our day surrounded by incredible conditions and plenty of ocean life. This afternoon we decided to venture off towards a different area of Jeffreys Ledge. During our travels we spotted 2 Minke whales and a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. This group consisted of about 15-20 dolphins moving around the area.
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
What a phenomenal surprise considering our last sighting of a handful of dolphins was May 25; aka. well over a month ago!
Once on Jeffreys Ledge we checked out 2 of the 3 Humpback whales in the area. We started with Pinball doing lots of circles as we watched the remnants of bubble clouds surface near her; a feeding mechanism Humpback whales are known to use to catch lots of fish!
We ended our time with Sedge who had moved in towards the area where Pinball was. At one point we had a Humpback whale on either side of the boat.
Again, what a great way to wrap up such a gorgeous day on the open ocean with some great marine sightings over the course of the entire day!

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