Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday, July 7

This morning we ventured out towards Jeffreys Ledge hoping the increasing winds in the forecast would hold off long enough to get some quality time in offshore. This time the forecast held true and we were surrounded by some very pleasant sea conditions as we went searching for marine life. We ended up seeing multiple species and multiple whales throughout the trip. In total we had 2 Minke whales, 3 Fin whales and 2 Humpback whales! We first got some great looks at a Minke whale moving around the area.
First Minke whale of the trip
Soon we spotted a spout and then another spout! There was a Fin whale on the move (so much so we could not even keep up with this greyhound of the sea) and decided to investigate the other whale in the area. It was a Humpback whale, Hornbill, whom we last saw a week ago.
We watched this whale for a bit and then soon enough another whale was spotted not too far away. It was another familiar tail, Pinball the Humpback whale.
These two whales are Blue Ocean Society adoptable whales and were happy to see them both spending time in the area. Eventually it was time to turn for home but apparently the whales were not done with us yet. There was another Fin whale and this time this whale was not moving quickly through the area at all.
Large Fin whale
We got a great look at this whale before once again turning for home when only minutes later another Fin whale surfaced not far from the boat. We definitely enjoy knowing multiple whales are spending time on Jeffreys Ledge. Now we just have to see what, where and how many critters are out there on our next trip!

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