Sunday, July 25, 2021

July 23-25, 2021

The good weather and wildlife continued on Friday. In the morning, we spent time with six humpback whales and a large pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. You couldn't ask for better ocean conditions to enjoy so much life in the open ocean.

Remnant of a bubble cloud

As mentioned by many on board, the dolphins stole the show.

Atlantic white-sided dolphin (above and below)

On Friday afternoon we scooted around a few showers and checked out 11 humpback whales and a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins!

Afternoon dolphins

A handful of minke whales were also seen during our time offshore. This time the baleen whales were stars of the afternoon with flipper slapping by a few whales and even a breach!

Whales for the day included Sedge, Clamp, Satula, Badge, Owl, Jawa, Spoon, Chromosome, Frost, Quote, Tripod, Valley, Tornado and Sword.

Saturday morning we found a whale shortly after passing by the Isles of Shoals. Gondolier the humpback whale was moseying through the area. Further offshore we found five additional humpback whales including THREE Blue Ocean Society adoptable whales- Pinball, Satula and Owl! We also spent time with Jawa and Clamp.

Owl and her bubble cloud in the foreground

Saturday afternoon the beautiful ocean conditions continued. We checked out 11 humpback whales as more were always spouting in the distance. Clamp, Satula, Quill, Jawa, Owl and Sedge were some of the individuals we enjoyed during the afternoon.

We also had a surprise sighting of a mother-calf humpback whale pair in the area. Welcome Bayou and her 2021 calf!

Bayou and her calf
These two were initially mellow but that quickly changed. The calf came alive as we witnessed this whale breach numerous time in all sorts of ways. What a great way to wrap up a stunning day on the water.
Bayou's calf

As always Mother Nature has the upper hand so we are staying tied to the dock today, Sunday, thanks to the high winds wafting through the area. No worries, we will be back out soon enough.

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