Tuesday, July 20, 2021

July 19-20, 2021

On Monday's trips there were plenty of whales to look at. Each trip provided whales nearby as well as out in the distance. Seven humpback whales were sighted on both trips. In the morning, we had a 'surprise' visitor; a fin whale! It's been weeks since the last time a fin whale has been sighted, which is odd when you think about the fact that fin whales eat similar food that humpback whales eat! A welcome whale for sure.

Fin whale

Three minke whales were also sighted among humpback whales Wigwam, Sedge, Clamp, Badge, Owl, Quill and Satula.

Sedge at the surface
Yikes, too close for my eyes!

During the afternoon trip on Monday, in addition to the numerous humpback whales, a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins were seen, an ocean sunfish and our first turtle sighting of a season- a loggerhead! Unfortunately, the turtle was shy and slipped under the surface quickly but what a fun find to come across.

Ocean sunfish

Afternoon humpback whales included Clamp's 2016 calf, Satula, Quill, Quote and Clamp.

Whale diving


The ocean was flat calm all day on Tuesday- perfect for sighting whales! Once again, both trips provided ample sightings near and far. In the morning, seven humpback whales were sighted and a few minke whales.

Morning Minke whale

On the afternoon trip, eight humpback whales were sighted. Sometimes the whales would circle around near the boat. During other instances, the whales would scatter making it interesting to decide which direction to go next. Nonetheless, gorgeous scenery to be surrounded by. Morning whales included Sedge, Wigwam, Badge, Quill, Jawa and Owl. Afternoon whales included Wigwam, Owl, Clamp, Quote, Jawa, Satula and Badge.

Great shearwater meandering past us

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