Friday, July 2, 2021

July 1, 2021

Happy July! The ocean was gorgeous to start off the new month. On our morning trip we came across at least four humpback whales. We first started with Jawa before finding others further along on Jeffreys Ledge, including Mogul and Sedge.

Sedge's uniquely shaped dorsal fin

The ocean got even calmer on our afternoon trip (my goodness, it was a lake out there!). Pinball was sighted moving about.

It's so calm!

We then checked out, what we decided was likely, a giant blue-fin tuna swimming along creating its own wake! The day wrapped up with Valley's 2020 calf napping.

Sly blue-fin tuna
Valley's calf from last year

As beautiful as the ocean was, the wind was brewing, and we have already canceled our next few trips. Hoping this blow passes quickly so we can get back out on the water!

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