Tuesday, August 2, 2022

August 1-2, 2022

Happy August! Monday morning was spent watching four humpback whales - Patches, Spoon, Spoon's calf and Jabiru.

Our passengers got a unique opportunity to witness Spoon breach and flipper slap and her calf do a few tail breaches.

Spoon flipper slapping
Spoon's flipper and her calf

In the afternoon, similar behaviors occurred, but this time it was the calf who provided the impressive looks as Jabiru, Spoon and her calf were still in the area. What a lucky day.

One of many breaches by Spoon's calf

Calf tail breach
Tuesday morning we got a chance to spend time with one of our very familiar whales, Pinball! She was back in the area, circling and creating some bubble clouds.

On our travels back to the harbor we crossed paths with a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. We always say we keep our eyes peeled for marine life on our travels home, and that's because you never know when another special sighting may come along!

In the afternoon, Pinball was still busy circling around. Great to have her back in the area, at least for the moment!

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