Tuesday, August 23, 2022

August 22-23, 2022

The impending heavy rain and wind held off just long enough (sorry if some folks got soaked in the parking lot!) to get a trip in on Monday morning. The seas were calm, really calm. A gentle disturbance was enough to trigger eyes, maneuver the boat, and allow for some great looks at marine life. We saw a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins (including a couple calves!), two minke whales, four ocean sunfish, and even a blue shark.

Atlantic white-sided dolphins
More dolphins!
Minke whale (above and below)

A massive ocean sunfish!

We even passed a razorbill as we scoured along the open ocean.

Tuesday was another beautiful day spent in the Gulf of Maine. Both trips provided a variety of marine life. On the morning trip we saw three ocean sunfish, four minke whales, a fin whale, two blue sharks and a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.
Minke whale
Ocean sunfish
Tip of the dorsal fin and tail of a blue shark
Atlantic white-sided dolphins swimming through such calm seas
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
The afternoon had it's own great looks watching two ocean sunfish, a fin whale (which took a bit of patience), and two minke whales. Always fun to see what we are going to come across during our adventures offshore!
Ocean sunfish
Fin whale spout
Fin whale

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