Sunday, August 28, 2022

August 27-28, 2022

Saturday morning we had a little wind, a little fog, and eventually a little sun. The marine life, of course, was unfazed by the conditions we were experiencing above the ocean surface. In the morning we saw a minke whale, fin whale, and a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

Minke whale
Fin whale
Atlantic white-sided dolphin

We even came across an Atlantic Puffin (while waiting for a whale to resurface).

Well hello there puffin!

Saturday afternoon, we once again started with a minke whale before coming across a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. Recent sightings of these toothed-whales have consisted of a few calves, and this pod continued with that trend.

Young dolphin!

After attempting to check out a fin whale (that did not resurface after 16 minutes...) we continued our patience with some more searching. Just at the end of our offshore efforts a spout was sighted in the distance. Make that two! A pair of humpback whales were swimming along consisting of Nine and Ase!

Humpback whale diving
Sunday had a few surprises awaiting for us offshore. In the morning, the ocean was so calm we were fortunate to see numerous sharks!! At least five different blue sharks and even a likely thresher shark (brief, but still!).
Blue sharks (above and below)

Another blue shark!
We also saw two fin whales and Dross the humpback whale. Dross was busy doing some feeding with plenty of bubble nets.
Fin whale
Fin whale
Dross filtering
A bubble net!

On our afternoon trip, we first watched an ocean sunfish before finding Dross still creating bubble clouds.
Ocean sunfish
Whale spout
Dross diving
To our fun surprise, two more humpback whales were moseying around the area. Mother-calf pair Nile and her 2022 calf were seen!
Nile and her calf at the surface

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